Mar 10, 2022
Happy Friday! I'm excited to share what I've been working on! As many can relate, the pandemic and becoming a mom have changed my life and priorities in all sorts of ways these past few years. My 9 years at Fidelity was an amazing way to start my career. I will forever be grateful for what I learned, the connections I made (including my husband!), and the way I was cared for and valued as a new mom in the corporate world.
Leaving was a decision I did not take lightly, but this idea has been simmering in the back of my mind for many years. My skills, interests, & background are finally coming together to make a dream come true that can truly transform the lives of younger families, much like my own!
Abundance is a virtual coaching program for financial planning and literacy. While just about anyone can benefit from it, our initial focus is to help younger couples who are just getting started. When working in the retirement industry, I kept running into the need for basic literacy around money/investing AND the need for basic communication tools to run a household TOGETHER as a couple as early in life as possible.
The program I created will get partners on the same page about their goals and spending. It addresses some of the baggage and core beliefs we hold around money from our childhood or previous experiences. It creates a foundation of knowledge that couples can base their decisions on rather than “just winging it.”
This initial program is just scratching the surface of what I know Abundance will become – a podcast, blog, courses, and a go-to resource for working families as life and how we look at money changes.
My brother Alan at Jupiter Visual has been helping me every step of the way with website creation, graphic design and producing course content. Some things are still changing and under construction, but check it all out at:
and follow us at Abundance and on our Instagram at
The coaching program is available for purchase and can even be gifted to another!
More to come, but thank you for reading & have a great weekend!


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